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Girls with autism syndrome presented handmade postcards with image of puzzles

Autism Cares is one of the first Nevada non-profit organizations focused on addressing the gap between Autistic adults and their access to community resources needed to help them become independent, productive, and increase their inclusion in the community.

Autistic adults have different abilities to live independently, work, go to school, be involved in the community, exercise, and interact with people. This means each one requires varying degrees of support depending upon the activity he or she may be performing.

When an Autistic person reaches adult age, they are now required to find their own community resources, self-advocate, and learn how to navigate what it means to work, live independently, and/or be included in the community. Autistic adults and their families commonly struggle to find local resources to assist them at this stage.

It is for these reasons Autism Cares is committed to bridging the gap that exists for all levels of Autistic adults to access community resources. Connecting them to already existing resources
is the vehicle to make them successful.

Board Members

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Seth Coleman

Advisory Board Member

Adnan Khawaja

Janette Reyes-Speer, Esq.

Advisory Board Co-Chair

Michael Oh

Advisory Board Member

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Edna Sarang

Advisory Board Member

Our Vision

To bridge the gap that exists for all levels of Autistic adults to access community resources needed to foster independence, productiveness, and community inclusion.

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Our Mission

Autism Cares is a non-profit organization connecting Autistic adults to community resources.

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Our Value

Connect, Collaborate, Communicate, Community

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