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Contrary to common belief, “that it is extremely difficult to care for a child with autism or intellectual developmental disorder”, the sad truth is, most Parents fear is not when the children are young, but rather when Parents grow old and are unable to provide the care for their children who now become adults or elderly. This fear is even further aggravated with the thought that when Parents are gone, there are no programs that provides specific care for individuals with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual developmental disorder.

These thoughts have mutely beleaguered many Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual developmental disorder, but what is even sadder is deafening silence of the society on the reality of the issue and its inactivity to address it. Many Parents are left on their own to deal with this lifelong responsibility.

There are different advocacies right now, but most only addresses the early stages of one’s life, from children and teens. This approach has failed to understand that the spectrum is a continuous condition that does not go away. This is a lifelong care that continuous on to adulthood and eventually to elderly.

Hence, it has become our vision and advocacy to create the template encompassing the whole age brackets that will provide the transitory and continuity of care, education, housing and support. This will cover those who are under the spectrum from children, teens, adults and elderly. Programs would also cover education of Family Caregivers, ranging from understanding the spectrum, the day to day care to the community support agencies. It is only when society collaboratively works hand in hand, with the proper knowledge and a heart that is in the right place that we can truly provide the utmost care that they need.

Tracey Mason

Autism Cares/Down Syndrome Board of Directors as Community Advocate and Volunteer Coordinator

Tracey Mason was recently added to the Autism Cares/Down Syndrome Board of Directors as Community Advocate and Volunteer Coordinator.

Tracey has over 30 years of work in advocacy and community organizing and has been in Las Vegas since 2011. She has had a life-long passion for social justice and tirelessly works to fill in the gaps of service delivery to vulnerable adults within our community. Tracey is always available and adds incredible experience and knowledge of community resources to our board.

Tracey is personally attached to our mission as she had a Down Syndrome aunt; Judy Mason, that she was close to in her early childhood who passed at the young age of 17. Judy was the living example of innocence and pure love in her family. Tracey was also an in-home respite caregiver for an autistic child from 1985-1989.

For any vulnerable person requesting advocacy feel free to reach out to Tracey at: 702-483-9629

Our Vision

Bringing people together to help autistic adults who need an environment to give them an opportunity to flourish.

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Our Mission

We provide a home that understands… A care that is nurturing …. And an environment that is stable…

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Our Value

Human connections matter. We are all about relationships, collaboration, communication and teamwork.

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We are proud of each member of our organization, because it’s important to be a great team. We did already a lot, but it isn’t limit of our opportunities. We are looking for ways to equip kids with necessary things and information.

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